About us

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You deserve to complete your project without worrying about their ecological impacts.

At Ecoresse, this is what we think, what we know and what we believe in. This as become our mission statement

Each and every time you will use an Ecoresse product, you will be certain to use ecological yarn, dyed in a natural and ethic way.


We believe in a world where natural products will dominate the dyeing industry.

We believe in a world that does not sacrifice the quality of our future for the sake of product quality.

We believe in a world that accepts the challenge of the future: to keep the same comfort of life, but to obtain it in a responsible manner.


Responsibility towards our customers and towards the future of our planet

Honesty with ourselves, our customers and our partners

Joy of living against all odds, otherwise nothing is worth the trouble!

Presentation of the leaders

Carolina was born in Colombia. She started crocheting at the age of 4. Since then, she has also learned punch needle, knitting, cross stitch and embroidery.

She arrived in Quebec to complete a Masters and a PhD in Immunology and Virology. After that, she quickly joined a responsible agri-food company. She is scientific director there.

Julien was born in France. His first contact with the arts industry dates from… when he met Carolina.

What he likes best is a good game of board games with his friends. He's still exasperated when Carolina wins a game when she seems to have knitted more than played.

He arrived in Quebec to complete a master's degree in engineering and is now a project manager in the transport sector.

The two met in Montréal. They are now married and have two young children.

If Carolina is Ecoresse's creative soul, she is also the scientific face. Needless to say, all coloring protocols are standardized, which guarantees consistent colors.

Julien remains more cartesian. He will analyze the risks, propose solutions, follow the administrative steps. His passion for communication also makes him responsible for the promotional aspect of the Ecoresse brand.