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We ship once to twice a week, depending on the order quantity and readiness. Orders are prepared and expedite within a week. Then a tracking number will be provided to you to track delivery.

Shipping is offered worldwide, and the cost vary in function of the country of delivery and the size of the order. We also offer free shipping for orders over 160 CAD.

We do not add handling fees and are shipping using Post Canada and its own suppliers.

Delivery issues

As soon as a package have been picked up by a transporter (Post Canada or its own suppliers), we are not responsible of its delivery. However, we can suggest you contact the transporter. By using the tracking number, you will be able to help them find your package.

If mail is undeliverable (not picked up from the post office, wrong address …), it will come back to Ecoresse. We will then contact you to take appropriate actions.

When using Ecoresse yarn, some particles are rubbing off, is this a problem with my product?

It is perfectly normal and safe. After dying the yarn, we always rinse it twice. However, it happens that some residual particles of mordant or colorant stay on the yarn. When you are using it, those residual particles will fall.

Considering we are only using natural and nontoxic dyeing products; this is perfectly safe.

If you are doing a project combining several colors, you may want to rinse you yarn in a sink and let it there overnight to reduce those residual amount to a minimal to non-existent amount.


Our yarn is delivered in skein. We do not provide any service of winding.

We suggest winding the yarn prior you start knitting or crocheting

Color constistancy

Although our process is standardised at a scientific level for each color, it is very unlikely to obtain the exact same color from a lot to another. I you are working on a large project, we suggest you to order enough yarn at the same time. This will ensure the consistency of the color you will use. Plus, you will be more likely to benefit from the free-shipping offer!


The products you order with Ecoresse are delicate products. They can be machine washed in gentle cycles. As for the drying methods, we recommend not to use the dryer and lay them flat. In any case, using hot water to wash yarn is not recommended.

Please note that washing wool in an sub-optimal manner may end up felting it.


Ecoresse stands for Eco-Responsible. We have developed all our product with this name in mind, it is part of the values we defend and fight for.

All the products we used for the dyeing process are natural and non-toxic. To be fair, we are pretty sure you already tasted some of them in your life. When we can, we also give a second life to a product, such as the avocado where re-use pits from sushi places we have agreement with.

The use of singe use plastic is reduced to its strict minimum. For example, our yarn soap is bought in bulk, in re-usable boxes

Our products are labelled using recycle paper

Next step for us will come when the company will scale up. Our objective is to reduce the use of running water by 30% by various creative way: re-use water, collect rainwater, improve process to increase our skein/liter of water ratio.